Property & Construction Networking Events – London

Here is my list of London based construction and property networking events I have found out about whilst on the circuit. It is not definitive, so please let me know of any other events you attend. I have also included # tags for each event for use on twitter.

1. Movers & Shakers –
Monthly property networking breakfast held at The Dorchester at 7.30am. #movers&shakers

2. Networth –
Monthly drinks for professionals in property and construction on the last Tuesday of the month. #networth

3. Be2camp –
Be2camp is for people interested in how the latest web applications and web design techniques could help build a better, more sustainable built environment and holds an annual unconference. #be2camp

4. AEC Network –
The AEC Network is an informal, free of charge, global network for the construction sector, and holds occasional networking meetings. #AECNetwork

5. Chamber of Commerce –
The London branch of the Chamber of Commerce holds regular property and construction networking events including a breakfast club. #cofc

6. Business Link –
Business Networking for the Construction Sector was recently organised by Business Link. They also offer non construction specific networking. #buslinkcon

7. YEP –
Regular networking events for Young Entrepreneurs in Property. #YEPLondon

8. First Friday Club –
Lunchtime networking organised by Property Week and held on the first Friday of every month. #1stfriclub

9. Phase 1 –
Networking events for new professionals in construction, engineering and architecture. #phase1

10. RICS Matrics –
RICS have opened up many of their events to the whole construction sector as well as their members. RICS Matrics is aimed at surveyors who are fairly new to the industry. #ricsmatrics

11. South London Business – Build South London                                                                                                                                               
Events aimed at subcontractors and suppliers who wish to meet Main Contractors #buildsouthlondon

12. The Doyle Club – Lunchtime networking on the 1st Thursday of every month. #doyleclub

13. FuSE1 – Property Networking breakfasts based focussed on SE1. #fuse1

 14. The Property Mermaid –  There are more property networking events here 

15. Business Junction (Built Environment) – Quarterly business breakfasts #businessjunction

16. Forum for the Built Environment – Monthly breakfast meetings #fbe

17. Corenet (NetWORK) – Connecting the corporate real estate industry #corenet

18. Women in Property – One for the ladies! Property networking events for women #wips

19.  Pall Mall Property Club – Evening drinks #pmpclondon


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A Remarkable Contractor – How can a Purple Cow help construction?

In his book, Purple Cow, marketing guru Seth Godin urges everyone involved in creating, designing or selling to think in new ways about their market. By adopting alternative approaches to your business, you and your company will survive to innovate another day.

At the moment survival is top of the agenda for lots of companies. Seth begins by quoting the five ‘p’s and a few more, but he neglects to mention the service ‘p’s; people, processes and physical evidence which are most relevant to contractors, architects and consultants within the construction industry.

The essence of the book is that the Purple Cow is the new ‘p’ that every marketer should take notice of. So what is a Purple Cow? A purple cow is something new, fresh, different and most of all remarkable. It sets you apart from your competitors. He gives lots of examples which unfortunately are all American and I hadn’t heard of some of the brands.

I got to thinking of construction companies that offered a purple cow. Mace could be seen as a pioneer in offering consultancy and contracting. But there are thousands of contractors in the UK that appear to be exactly the same and offer exactly the same service. What differentiates them?

Seth introduces us to the term sneezers. Sneezers are people who spread the word about a new product or service that is remarkable. The sneezers for contractors would be architects and consultants who pass the word about a good contractor. They put you forward to project teams and recommend you to their clients. However do sneezers spread the word to their competitors? i.e. would an architect tell another architect about a great contractor they’re using? Probably not. Journalists can be sneezers but when was the last time you read some editorial in the trade press where a journalist recommended a contractor, or a contractor was reported to be doing something completely differently?

What exactly can contractors offer that would be a purple cow. For a start I am a female Business Development Manager I am a rarity in construction but by no means unique. No purple cow there then. Harmonix are called Harmonix to emphasise our desire to work in harmony with the project team. But many contractors claim the same thing. Look at any contractor’s core values and you’ll find them all very similar quality, integrity and openness all feature highly. Yawn, yawn!

What can we change about our service that makes us truly remarkable and different to all the rest?

Seth encourages us to produce a service that people will actually want to seek out. Well that would make my job a whole lot easier if the enquiries fell onto my lap!

Occasionally some of Seth’s advice bordered on the gimmicky. For example he thinks that all staff in an airport have boring uniforms and suggested that the ice-cream sellers wore coloured bow ties! Hardly a purple cow.

To conclude I feel that a purple cow is really your USP (unique selling point) that really is unique.

I would like to hear your thoughts from those in the construction industry on whether you feel your company has a purple cow…

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Works Complete at Access Self Storage, Wandsworth

Works are now complete at the mixed use scheme for Access Self Storage in Wandsworth.

The work comprised the design and build of a new office and self-storage facility on a brownfield site. The basement construction was completed by the groundworks contractor and two upper levels of mixed use areas with serviced offices, showrooms and training facilities were constructed by Harmonix Construction. This facility is the largest underground self storage facility in the UK with three basement levels.

The construction by Harmonix commenced once the RC basement and ground floor slab was completed. An overlap of 7 to 8 weeks was suggested by Harmonix in order to reduce programme.

As with most Access Self Storage projects the site is located in a residential area and between two busy roads. The local council requires the pavement that has been closed off outside the site to be re-opened for the Wimbledon Tennis Championships.

The Project Manager Graham Thompson sent letters to local residents to introduce the company and provided a contact number for residents who had concerns during the construction period. Harmonix also liaised closely with the Environmental health department.

Daily meetings took place between the groundworks contractor and Harmonix to ensure that close communication between the contractors was maintained during the handover period.

A phased handover was arranged with Access Storage in order that some of the completed bins could be handed over earlier.

Harmonix is considered to be the Market Leader in the UK for fitting out storage facilities and the team were able to bring their experience to the Wandsworth project.

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Little Britain 2009 : Less starboard – More port!

Harmonix took to the seas for the 8th year running in September in an attempt to hold on to our title of winner of the J109 class. Sadly we had to hand our cup back as we only achieved 3rd place, which is still a commendable achievement. (We kept quiet about the fact there was only 6 boats in our class this year!)

Little Britain was my first time sailing in a race and any pre-conceptions I’d had of relaxing on deck cocktail in hand vanished as soon as we left port for our first race on the Thursday afternoon.

The sea was blue, the sky was blue and the air was certainly turned blue once we attempted to put the spinnaker up!
I was tasked with writing down the course as it was announced over the radio which was a challenge in itself when the boat was tipping at an 80° angle.

With Nick Foulkes of Colwyn Foulkes as helmsman and Giles Holder of Laxton Properties getting soaked on the foredeck that left Giles and Troy on the ropes while the rest of us had the most crucial job of weighting the boat.

After an afternoon of sailing it was swiftly onto the ale – ing part of the weekend. Ron Coll from Tweeds and Graeme Hodgkinson from Cushman and Wakefield joined us for the next two days of sailing.

We were pleased to collect our third place trophy and will be at Little Britain 2010 to reclaim our rightful position as winners.

Please see all the photos at


J2EAU Sailing the High Seas

J2EAU Sailing the High Seas

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Some Motivating Sales Tips

  • Sell yourself – most people buy off people they like!
  • Be confident – If you sound confident, you’re feel confident and your customer will have confidence in you
  • Know your product and know your market (What does your client want?) how can you give them what they want
  • Impulses – listen and respond to the client
  • Believe in what you are doing and your own ability (if you want to get that client on board, believe you will and YOU WILL!
  • Always sound positive and enthusiastic (Use plenty of enthusiasm and confidence in your voice when on the phone!)
  • Don’t give up too easily may have to get lots of rejections before getting a YES, keep up the momentum be tenacious

Clients and approach

  • What sets you aside from your competitors?
  • How can you stand out from your competitors
  • Make sure you know as much as possible about you’re potential client before you call them (Knowledge is power!)
  • Ask questions (especially open ones and get them talking), find out what they want! Make notes!
  • ‘Law of Average’ you have to get a number of ‘No’s’ before you get a yes. Each NO brings you closer to a YES!
  • SELL the benefits to the client. Why should they use you?
  • Ask for referrals!!! Names? Anyone else in the industry they know about worth contacting?

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Little Britain Challenge Cup – List of Entrants and Disciplines

I have published this list to help anyone attending Little Britain this                                                 year to focus their marketing efforts on the right people. 


Little Britain Challenge Cup Entries Discipline
Davis Langdon Architects
Manser Practice Architects
Arcadiam Associates Architects
Moxley Architects Architects
Munkenbeck & Partners Architects Architects
PENSON Group Architects
Purcell Miller Tritton Architects
Sheppard Robson Architects
SHOR Associates Ltd Architects
Stride Treglown Architects
Pringle Brandon Architects
Cowan Architects Ltd Architects 
Hyland Edgar Driver Architects (Landscape)
Hurley Palmer Flatt Building Services Consultants
Bianco Sale Ltd Building Services Consultants
Briggs & Forrester Building Services Consultants
McGee Group Civil & Structural Engineers
R&W Civil Engineering Civil Engineers
Mitie Main Contractors
Wates Construction Main Contractors
Sir Robert McAlpine Main Contractors
The Horbury Group Main Contractors
United House Main Contractors
Shepherd Construction Ltd Main Contractors 
Leadbitter Main Contractors
Overbury Main Contractors
Pacific Interiors Main Contractors
Paragon Management Main Contractors
Parkeray Ltd Main Contractors
Mace Ltd Main Contractors 
Itineri Ltd Main Contractors 
MCM Construction Ltd Main Contractors 
Harmonix Construction Ltd Main Contractors
Hawk Property Main Contractors 
Tully De’Ath Consultant (Civil/StructuralEngineering)
PPC Consultant (Structural Engineering)
Capita Symonds Consultants
London Bridge Associates Consultants
Davis Langdon LLP Consultants
AECOM Consultants
MBM Consulting Consultants
MLM Consultants
Ian Sayer & Co Consultants 
Pick Everard Consultants (Architects,Engineering, PM)
Integral Structural Design Consultants (Civil/Structural Engineering)
Allied Developments Ltd Developer
Cundall Engineers
John Henry Group Engineers
Long & Partners Ltd Engineers (M&E)
Elementa Consulting Engineers (Services)
NG Bailey Engineers (Services)
Gratte Brothers Limited Engineers (Services)
Driver Consult Ltd Lawyers
Fenwick Elliot Lawyers
Weightmans Lawyers
Gardline Geosciences Marine Construction Contractor
Women in Property Networking Organisation
 HVAC Press
Arcadis Project Managers 
Exemplar Properties Property Developers
Base Building Consultancy Ltd QS 
Gleeds QS 
JS Humidifiers Plc Subcontractor
Arcade UK Ltd Subcontractor (Air Con)
Mitsibishi Electric Air Conditioning Subcontractor (Air Con)
Silverdell Subcontractor (Asbestos Removal)
Stone and Ceramic Warehouse Subcontractor (Ceramic flooring/tiles)
Byrne Brothers Subcontractor (Concrete Frame)
Scheldebouw BV Subcontractor (Curtain Walling)
Roskel Contracts Subcontractor (Drylining/Suspended Ceilings)
R&S Dri Wall Limited Subcontractor (Drylining)
Mitchellson Formwork & Civil Engineering Subcontractor (Excavation/Concrete Frame)
Baker Stickland Ltd Subcontractor (Interiors)
Brown and Carroll Subcontractor (Joinery)
Simmtronic Subcontractor (Lighting)
Wirefield Ltd Subcontractor (Lighting)
Shepherd Engineering Services Subcontractor (M&E)
Levolux Limited Subcontractor (Solar Shading)
Testconsult Ltd Subcontractor (Specialist Testing Service)
Astec Projects Ltd Subcontractor (Suspended Ceilings)
H Smith (Engineers) Ltd Subcontractors (Demolition)
FCS Ductwork Ltd Subcontractors (Ductwork)
Calanpoint Contracts Subcontractors (Joinery)
Howard Bros Joinery Ltd Subcontractors (Joinery)
Imtech Technical Services Subcontractors (M&E)
Cognition Land & Water Subcontractors (Remediation)
Envirosoil Subcontractors (Remediation)
O’Keefe Construction Subcontractors (Remediation)
George Bence Supplier (Builders Merchants)
CSL Integration  Supplier (Cables)
Kinnarps UK Ltd Supplier (Office Furniture)
Drakes Plumbing Supply Supplier (Plumbing)
Domus Supplier (Tiles)
Learning and Skills Solutions Ltd Trainers
Gardner & Co ?
Extrusions ?
Mossglen Ltd ?
Ellisons ?
Languard Investments ?
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Less Slacking - More Tacking

Less Slacking - More Tacking

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Right on Time Again

Three more satisfied customers, one new and two repeat business opportunities converted into successfully completed projects. Many thanks to both the Consultants and Construction teams involved in these buildings.

– Access Self Storage Wandsworth Phase 1 – June 09

– 37-39 Lime St, Bank – July 09

– Access Self Storage Stevenage – May 09

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